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Physician careers span the globe but none have the image of the Canadian prairie country doctor. Back in the early 1900s when a community could attract a doctor, the event was cause for celebration. Hospitals got built. Babies were born with medical assistance. Broken limbs had a better chance of being mended. Communities grew because the hospital with a doctor on call attracted a pharmacist and other people, too, who had skills in support of practicing medicine. Before long there were well baby clinics and public health nurses helping to deliver programs to promote good health.

Time was when the community doctor packed up his stethoscope, his sphygmomanometer for measuring blood pressure and his reflex hammer in his black medical bag and made house calls. While it has been years since the doctor’s role has included the making of house calls, there is still a certain romance associated with being a Canadian country doctor. It’s not unlike a calling. Being a country doctor today is one of the physician careers that still draws upon a commitment to a community and the people being served in a rural area.

The career of a physician in a rural area is not suited to everyone. While modern technologies of the 21st century have changed the nature of the work, a physician career in a rural setting is still very much an opportunity to grow prairie roots.

Physician Careers in Milk River

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