Amazing Opportunities in Milk River

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Physician careers span the globe but none have the image of the Canadian prairie country doctor. Back in the early 1900s when a community could attract a doctor, the event was cause for celebration. Hospitals got built. Babies were born with medical assistance. Broken limbs had a better chance of being mended. Communities grew because the hospital with a doctor on call attracted a pharmacist and other people, too, who had skills in support of practicing medicine. Before long there were well-baby clinics and public health nurses helping to deliver programs to promote good health.

Milk River’s Health Centre provides career opportunities in the following medical fields: physicians, EMS, laboratory and x-ray services, respiratory therapy, mental health, dietitians, physical therapy, diabetes education, pharmacy, registered and licensed practical nurses, social workers, home care workers, and public health nurses. Milk River provides a setting for these professionals to experience rural life while taking advantage of the many job opportunities in various medical-related fields within the community.

As part of experiencing the opportunities in the Milk River, the Rural Health Professions Action Plan or Rh PAP- sponsored Medical Skills Days and Weekend events have provided Alberta medical students, and other aspiring healthcare professionals, with the opportunity to experience healthcare delivery in a rural setting. Participants learn new skills, meet new people, and explore what living and working in a rural community really means.
Milk River Health Centre Medical Skills Event Video October 28, 1017:

Physician and Healthcare Careers in Milk River

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