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Town of Milk River

Milk River    Welcome to the The Town of Milk River.

Milk River serves primarily as a service center for the many farms and ranches that surround the town.

Milk River offers it’s citizens and tourist friends tremendous options. Situated close to the United States border, and embedded on a major provincial transportation route close to the City of Lethbridge, Milk River is primed for success. Couple that with affordable housing, one of the lowest cost of living indexes in the province, and a strong economy, Milk River is excited about what the future holds!

One of the most surprising things about prairie towns is how active they tend to be. Milk River is no exception. This community consists of just over 800 people, but there is always something going on in town that gets everyone involved. From craft fairs to club meetings, golf, swimming, field sports, festivals and everything in between, Milk River is a hotbed of small town enthusiasm.

The Milk River business community is alive and well. Cheerful restaurants, comfortable accommodations and welcoming people are a winning combination here. And once you settle into the village vibe, you’ll see that Milk River is a place quite unlike any other.

If you come to Milk River, chances are you’ve come to explore southwest Alberta’s great outdoors. And if getting close to nature is high on your priority list, then you may want to stay at one of the area’s many fine campgrounds. Abundant sunshine and a warm, dry climate make camping in Milk River easy to enjoy.

Welcome to Milk River! Come and join us in taking part in a vibrant community and a remarkable quality of life!