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Sweet Grass Hills

Welcome to Sweet Grass Hills.

The Sweet Grass Hills are a small group of low mountains rising more than 3,000 feet above the surrounding plains east of Milk River, Alberta.

The Blackfoot people lived in this area before settlers arrived. The Sweet Grass Hills were significant to them. In Blackfoot, the Sweet Grass Hills are known as the Sweet Pine Hills, referring to the balsam fir which grows upon them. The difference in name is due to inaccurate translations. The Sweet Grass Hills served a number of functions to the Blackfoot People. these great hills provided many plants (especially tress) and animals not normally found in the prairies. As well, these great heights were used to sight the position of herds of bison (buffalo) upon the prairies. The Sweet Grass Hills are a very unique and amazing feature upon the prairies. As such, they were thought to possess abundant spiritual powers. Teepee rings, cairns, and U-shaped formations made of rock have been discovered. The U-shaped structures would protect young individuals,who came on a vision quests, from the cold.